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Broadcast your podcast, radio show, or talk show on Bumpin’ 96.3 FM Memphis, owned by Flinn Broadcasting and managed by The Podcast Center. We are delighted to provide a radio station where you get to discuss what’s on your mind on your own radio podcast. Or you select and play your own music during your own radio show. Flinn Broadcasting offers leased air-time and all shows will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the radio station for airing.

The Podcast Center, a proud partner with Flinn Broadcasting, produces and distributes audio and video content to radio and television stations. We are located at 6510 Stage Road, suite 2 in Bartlett, TN. We hold a mandatory
orientation every 1 st and 2 nd Saturday of the month for all interested applicants. You may also take the class online. During the orientation, you will be provided legal rules, information on what is expected of our on-air personalities, as well as receive an introductory course on how to effectively and professionally produce your program. Please know that your registration fee is not an automatic approval of your show or airtime.


BUMPIN’ 96.3 THROWBACK HIP HOP wants your business to experience a “bump” in your sales. We strive to make your business grow and your event known. We are offering “throwback radio rates” of $20 per commercial (up to 30 seconds long). And for every commercial you buy, we will match it. You get 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 ($250 minimum). We also have affordable production rates that are an additional cost. Only 2 free revisions. $40 additional fee per revision thereafter. Commercials are :30seconds long and will air weekdays between 8a-8p. Placement is at the discretion of Bumpin’ 96.3.

To produce a 30 second commercial, it will cost $50

There is no additional fee if you already have a pre-produced ad. 

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Bumpin’ 96.3 is a nonreporting station that doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen yet. The reach is the Metro Memphis Area with 1.3 million Memphis & 800,000 Shelby County population. Our Audience is Throwback Hip Hop Listeners Ages 35-54

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